2005 Councillor Elections

Town Councillors say the electorate gave them a democratic mandate to govern Letchworth.

In fact little could be further from the truth. No councillor polled more than 14.29% of the electorate. See for yourself, with the actual results for the wards: South West, South East, Wilbury, East, Grange.

The combined vote received by all 24 councillors was 9.35% of the electorate. That means 90.65% of Letchworth residents did NOT vote for the parish council.

Here is a run-down of the 2005 councillors' votes...

NameVotes% of possible vote
Malcolm Barnes3967.58%
Paul Lai3156.03%
Leslie Maunders4067.77%
Trevor Sostacenko3216.14%
Michael Williams3626.93%
Karen Collings4438.34%
Derek Hodgson4688.81%
Laurence Knappert3787.11%
Craig Mills3947.42%
Geoffrey Sualnier3526.63%
Chris Harlow64212.60%
Harry Hawkins64012.56%
NameVotes% of possible vote
Angela Smale67513.25%
Raymond Smale66513.05%
Pamela Westhrope72814.29%
Ryan Brooke3157.70%
Hannah Keogh3257.95%
Jack Miller3147.68%
Anthony Wickham3378.24%
Philip Ross73712.93%
Philip Sayers69612.21%
Michael Thurman69512.20%
John Webb65811.55%
Gordon Whalley62911.04%