Four Parish Councillors Resign

On 14th October 2008 three Parish Councillors resigned.

Councillors Anthony Wickham, Karen Collings and John Webb have tendered their letters of resignation to the Council Chairman and Town Clerk.

All three councillors had been elected back in 2005 when the parish council first started up. Anthony Wickham is the former Chairman from 2006. Karen Collings was on the Community Services Committee. John Webb has always fought against the tide to encourage the other councillors to act properly and for the benefit of the people of Letchworth.

On 16th October 2008 a fouth councillor resigned. Cllr Mary Rowley was one of the six who had been been co-opted after the previous round of resignations prior to 2008.

Initial indications are that each councillor had his or her own personal reasons for resigning, but overall HELP is led to understand that there were the following factors:

  • Frustration with the core council since the hijacking of the council committee structure on 20 January 2008.
  • Behaviour to others whose views are not in step with core council (councillors or public).
  • Campaigning against the Heritage Foundation with public money.
  • Council members and policy bringing the reputation of local government into disrepute.

Four HELP Candidates will be standing for election to fill the four vacancies.