Parish Poll 21st April 2008 - The Result

The question: Should Letchworth Garden City Council be dissolved?

YES2994 votes76.3%
NO928 votes23.7%

In 2005, 2443 residents voted them in. In 2008, 2994 residents voted them out.

Our Parish Councillors have declared they believe in democracy. So what should happen now?

Read about the councillors' disregard for your opinion at the Parish Council meeting of Wednesday 23rd April 2008.

Here is the BBC Look East news story from the day after the Parish Poll.
In his interview, Cllr Ross mis-represents the meaning of the Poll. Whereas the Poll question and result are completely clear to everyone else, Cllr Ross seems to think it is merely a message about doing better. NO - it is a message to GO!
NOTE: the woman who thinks the Town Council is 'absolutely essential' is Cllr A Smale.
  BBC Look East - 22nd April 2008