Council Tax Increase - 2008/2009

In 2008 Letchworth Parish Councillors decided to triple their spending (2007/2008 it was £195,000, 2008/2009 it is £600,000).

Where does their spending money come from?

Parish councils are allowed to determine their own spending budget. This is called the precept. There is no limit in law to how much precept the council can decide it wants.

The precept is collected by being added to your Council Tax demand.

The precept demanded by Letchworth Parish Council in 2008 was one of the highest in the country. And for all this money they did nothing useful for us. The Parish Council is completely unnecessary. If it vanished tomorrow you would not notice any difference whatsoever (apart from the permanently lower council tax bill).

2008 Council Tax increase breakdown

While Letchworth Parish Council is still formed there is nothing to stop more massive tax increases in the future. Support HELP to remove this unnecessary burden.