What's in a Name?

Letchworth Parish Council is known by several names.

We'll go through the various names here so we all know we're talking about the same thing.

First and foremost, our local Letchworth council is a Parish Council under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1972 and all the various revisions and amendments. This legislation is intended for villages and small parishes.

A few towns have also taken the opportunity to set up parish councils using this legislation, and provision is made for these to refer to themselves as a Town Council. You'll have seen on your Council Tax bill that NHDC refer to our local council as Letchworth G C T C (Letchworth Garden City Town Council). Their accompanying leaflet explaining the Council Tax breakdown also includes Letchworth under their list of Parish Councils.

Back in 2005 the councillors voted at a parish meeting to call themselves the Letchworth Garden City Council, and this is the name that you will see used in all their literature.

Just for added confusion, you will also sometimes see or hear the council referred to as the City Council - presumably a shortening of the Garden City Council.

Regardless of the name, all these are the same redundant body, the Letchworth Parish Council, which HELP is campaigning to abolish.